Zhong Zhi Cai Supply Chain Management CO.LTD is a great unification which realizes the transformation and up grading of architectural material industry under the internet+. It is an intensive platform in the new normal and it depends on the Global Service Network and professional supply chain service, integrates advantages of the distribution of resource, and lets the 500 architectural ornament enterprises of China realize the procurement services and sales on a global scale. At the same time, Zhong Zhi Cai integrates the advantages of supply chain service of the architectural and ornament, supplies product customization and customized service, helps the enterprises to integrate the existing structure of supply chain, improves the product quality and market competitiveness. All of these via supply chain management services as followings: material procurement, marketing management, financing service, legal consulting, and procurement distribution performed, Customs clearance agent in international relations, stock hosting, department of outsourcing, consigned processing, logistics management and etc.

Zhong Zhi Cai Supplies Service Platform has an accurate insight on enterprises development services. It integrates advantage of resources, takes the lead in structuring the entire supply chain integration service system, and gets through different supply chain service patterns to help different partners realize the entire supply chain management and optimization of all links from research & development, purchase, production to marketing management, distribution terminals.