Construction Modelling

BSL can offer our clients detailed modeling of their buildings

First, the client offers us the CAD drawing file to confirm the size and ratio.

All components are seamlessly assembled. The exterior Facade is made possible by laser engraving on PVC sheets.

Model walls can also be produced by ABS or Acrylic upon request. Through a dissolved oxidation process and water milling and polishing, all components can be perfectly integrated, ensuring a smooth touch.


The Perfect Finish

The Facade adopts a galvanising technology to print, then through CNC milling to achieve different finishes such as matt, polished, structured etc. Whether it is a granite, slate or brick facade, they all have a high level of colour fastness and realistic effect to perfectly reflect modern or classic architecture design or concept.

cnc building models

We have members of staff waiting to assist you in the UK & China.

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